Serani 2009

Serani 2009

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Serani is a new Reggae artist that has taking Jamaica by a storm and is conituning to do so across the world. Serani born in the mean streets of Kingston Jamaica he decided at a young age that his two other best friends who also shared the same intrest in music decided to put together the informus DASECA productions in 2001.

Three friends David Anthony Harrisingh, Crag Serani Marsh and Craig Andrew Harrisingh had a goal to produce all the major Reggae artist in Jamaica. Serani is quite a new artist on the Reggae Scene but he is blow up faster then Movado. Serani has co-produced the first two singles on Sean Paul’s new platinum album “Trinity,” including ‘We Be Burning,’ which was the first released single.

Deseca 2009

Deseca 2009

The ‘We be Burning’ track helped Trinity smash a Jamaican record of 107,000 copies sold in the first week. Serani continued and made the ‘Smash’ riddim which hosts the song ‘Dutty Wine’ by Tony Matterhorn. Dutty Wine is the number one song presently in Jamaica and England. Serani is also recording his own songs and promoting two new singles entitled “doh” featuring Bugle and “she loves me”, a groovy sensual song for the ladies.

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  1. yankeegyal

    it’s it’s it’s SERANI! dis 1 is fa da ladies! serani’s babies!! SELLOFF!!!

  2. You are a great song writer and I appriciate the girls songs you write also. Your songs play up here at my college in the Bronx everyday.

  3. wasani thmas

    wats up u are just so sexy u am your number 1 fan i love u and all your videos, and your songs. i went crazy when i heard u were coming to belize. love u and i wish that i can see u again. love ur #1 fan.

  4. jamahl

    romance is one my favorites i love it so much …………………………..

  5. O.m.g. U 4real well just stoppin by 2 show some love I luv u a lot nd do u have a aim or yahoo

  6. diana

    hi baby face i like your name so much is special this name serani is one of a kind .romance me serani you got me going horney .am playing i hope to see you when i get to jamaica i love all your song i play them every day in italy saluti jamaica

  7. Ms.....Bol

    I am big fan of yours. However, I am graduating in May from a University and wondering if you can perform at my graduation party!!!!! You were suppose to perform in Portland,Maine but I heard you were tighted up on other things. Love all your musics. Great beats and lyrics as well!!! YOUR MY NUMBER ONE FAN. HOPE YOU CAN REALLY READ THIS AND REPLY BACK TO ME BY MY EMAIL. LOVE MS.BOL

  8. Leesaan Robertson

    Hi Serani, Mi love You, mi love your music, I am your biggest #1 Fan in the world. I just love your album, it is hot hot hot. I cant wait for your next album to come out, I bet it’s gonna be hot like this one. Serani, mi love your voice, it is so beautiful, I am so dying to meet You, please tell me how i can: Please Contact me at:

  9. tega

    luv ur music,ur unique style n games remains my best, n most listened 2 music.kip da fire burning.

  10. Ashli Cleaver

    ITS ITS SERANI!!! mi love him… hes such a good entertainer,,,, him dance, sing,, everything!!! I LOVE HIM…

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  12. yolanda

    i love your song “No Games” the beat is all dat!

  13. Kitty

    SIMPLY GENIOUS!!!!! SERANI you are underated in my opinion. I can see your music featuring as soundtracks for Movies. You are fit to be on the first top ten world charts like the US and UK!!
    FAVORITES ARE: CHAUFFEUR; NAKED(both versions); ROMANCE; SHE LOVES ME(both versions); DOH. May you reach the furthest heights in your music.

  14. Jamaica

    omqqq ,, i luv youu serani .. becus ur myy onee && onlyy (:

  15. Tanisha

    I saw Serani recently at The Element in Virginia Beach, Virginia and boy does have a lot of energy. I really enjoyed the performanace and those women were wolves but I saw why. Anyhow I don’t know if someone really reads these but I was the chick with blonde hair, red shirt and who got called blackberry queen which was funny. Tell Serani to get at me at my email address

  16. Kacy

    Serani u’r jus 2 much. . .big ups!!



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