Born Rafael Castillo in New York, U.S on September 1982.  Rafael better known as  his stage name“De La Ghetto” in the Reggaeton music industry.  Even though he was born in America he was brought up in San Juan, Puerto Rico with his parents. His father was Dominican and his mother was Puerto Rican.  At an early age of 6,  De La Ghetto had an unfortunate turn of events when he found out that his father was murdered.  There is no evidence yet on who and why he was killed.  De La Ghetto never knew his father but his mother told him stories to let his memory live on.  Before he moved to San Juan, his mother moved around with different jobs all across America and even as far as Europe.  In De La Ghetto teenage years his family decided to settle down for good in La Perla, Old San Juan.

Like most kids who used to move at a young age from country to country  De La Ghetto didn’t feel that he belonged to America.  Until he went to his native land Puerto Rico he felt at home and would never look back.  As a kid he was obsessed with singing and always wanted to preform in front of people to show off his talent.  Ever since he was a young adult he knew his calling was going to be in music.  Unlike most kids out of Puerto Rico, De La Ghetto had the upper hand due to his first language was English.  His accent changed when he was studying in high school that gave his voice a unique spin.

Trying to get his name known to the country with his music skills took a lot of work but his raw talent was not something you would forget.  From 2002 to 2004 De La Ghetto notoriety in the Reggaeton music industy was being stronger by the day.  Many famous artist wanted to collaborated with him like Daddy Yankee, Ivy Queen Tego Calderon, Zion y Lennox, Nejo y Dalmata and Tito El Bambino.

Until 2005 De La Ghetto was lucky enough to work with Arcangel and since that day he was able to sky rocket his career to new limits.  Arcangel who was born in New York to Dominican parents joined forces with De La Ghetto where they successfully moved up the ladder.  There first hit that was number one in Puerto Rico for months in 2005 was “Stick” under the production “Sangre Nueva”.  After that first single De La Ghetto was going to break barriers.

As time progressed De La Ghetto became so known that he started doing tours around Puerto Rico and America.  His fame started to rise across the Latin community and fans wanted more and more. Now at the prime of his game De La Ghetto is dropping hit after hit and is not stopping anytime soon.  De La Ghetto came out with his solo album called “Masacre Musical” in 2008 that raked #46 on the Latin Billboards.

De La Ghetto Masacre Musical Album Track Listing

1. Asi Es
2. Es Dificil
3. Momento Que Te Vi
4. Perdicion
5. Tu Mi Yal
6. Come Out And See
7. Serial Lover
8. Chica Mala
9. Touch You
10. Dime Que Vas Hacer
11. Tu Te Imaginas
12. Yo Te Voy Hacer
13. I Like It When You
14. I Feel Her Calling Me
15. Amor En La Jipeta
16. El Viento
17. Nadal Song, A
18. House Song
19. Balada
20. Se Te Nota
21. Mahon
22. Carribean Queen

List of all De La Ghettos Mixtapes from 2007 to 2011:

Masacre Musical Mixtape (2007)
The Boss of the Block (2007)
El Jefe del Bloque (2007)
The Boss of the Block Vol. II (2007)
Masacre Musical Presents: El Movimiento (2008)
Masacre Musical Presents: El Movimiento Vol. II (2009)
El Jefe De La Versatilidad (2010)

  1. cristian adonnis

    i like your all music but my best song i like of you i think is kess me thru the phone

  2. Jetta Bullock

    You are a very talented artist I love you & your music! As far as america’s east coast you definatly have a #1 fan here…Keep up the progress*

  3. dulce

    I LOVE YOU !!!

  4. dulce

    you come with me play and marry? DE LA GHETTO

  5. RRR Music


  6. liliana

    omg!! my future hubby(hedontnow yet) lol right hurr!! de la ghetto!! number one fan!! x) the best evrrr!! x) hihi my fave song is la jippeta ;) sexiii!!!!! love it lol well enough of my writting!! duces!!!

  7. Judy

    I love ur music.. But my favorite song is tu te imaginas.

  8. will

    dont like your thing but my song is te imaginas

  9. derling

    te felicitoeres mi cantante favorito sigue asi que dios te bemtiga te quiero

  10. brenda

    hey de la ghetto I luv you and your music!! i think your hot and really sexy!!

  11. francheska

    hey whats ur number bay

  12. francheska

    hey de la ghetto i luv you and your musik!! i think ur hot nd sexy

  13. francheska hernandez

    hey de la ghetto i luv you and ur musik !! think u are hot nd sexy

  14. Kimberly

    i luv u & all ur music u inspired me so don’t stop doin what u do best!

  15. KeeraColocha

    OMG i loooooove DLG!!!! He’s amazing and very sexy ;)

  16. iram sismay morales

    i like the name it ganster :)

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    Ahi Ahi Ahi!!!! Papi Lmao I LOVE YOU DE LA GHETTO ♥ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

  18. Jessica sandoval

    You are super cute and I love your songs., OMG I love your new album., 💕💕 come to McAllen tx!!

  19. James p

    Ur the boss of the block i fuck with ur music no one pr can fuck with u i like tempo since he came when i heard the boss of the block mixtape i said to my self oh i ain’t hear no one like u i don’t even hear tempo music nomore thx u to u save reggaeton.peace from Delaware



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