I Octane Biography:

Byiome I-Octane Muir age 22 was born in Sandy Bay in Negril the western part of Jamaica in 1988.

At an early age young Byiome always had a passion for music and used to be fascinated by the Reggae culture.  Though being a Reggae star was a gift he didn’t think he could possess.  Even though Byiome had good grades in school he also had some turbulent times.  While attending Garvey Maceo High School he got into trouble and was suspended.  With something negative in his life came along with a positive.  A older friend of his told him to try and pursue a career in singing due to his great voice, thought process and vocabulary. Byiome kept the idea in mind in case his plans to be an Architect failed.  After completing high school with good grades his family couldn’t support his dream to become an Architect due to the lack of money.  This was a blessing in disguise becuase after this moment a star was born.

Byiome was always known for an extensive vocabulary that was able to spit rhymes quickly. Though he was doing it for fun and didn’t think anything would become of this.  His friends would encourage him to get more involved in the Dancehall scene and take it more seriously.  It wasn’t until a producer heard one of his free performances and saw huge potential with his raw talent and lyrical ability. With confidence in his back pocket it was time to come up with a stage name.  Byiome chose to go by the name of I – Octane due to his high energy levels and long lasting ability.

Preforming shows and doing performances finally paid off when he was recognised by the famous Producer Donovan Germain who told him to join his team at Penthouse Records.  During the first year he recorded with stars Beres Hammond, Buju Banton and Assassin. Working with Reggae and Dancehall stars helped him improve is vocal cords and understand how to flow properly.  I Octane has his first break when he preformed with Bennie Man on stage at Summer Sizzle Jamaica.

Since then I Octane has successfully made his name known across Jamaica and through out the West Indies. He is the fastest new rising star to hit Jamaica since Vybz Kartel.  Dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel has reported saying that I Octane is the closest thing he has to competition in the industry, and to watch out for this rising star.


  1. ja4life

    Bless up youth! Keep bring us d good music cross d Caribbean. One love

  2. D.J.Starburst

    “Yo!,I-Octane is the Baaaahdest Ting!,to come on the Culture-Reggae-Scene,for Many,many Years,with his Own Unique Style,May the Creator continue to Bless h.i.m.& his Skill-Set,I-Octane,Jah Guide & Protect!”D.J.Starburst

  3. D.J.Starburst

    “I-Octane,I’ll be looking for you some time in the near future,to Cut DUBPLATE!,”D.J.Starburst

  4. Frances-Ann Simms

    Wow i love your lyrics them it is maddddddddddddd and it sell offffffff i can not find words to tell you but keep up the good work and GOD BLESS YOU. Peace and love my family.

  5. Frances-Ann Simms

    Love u Byiome Muir aka Ioctane

  6. dj guillio

    yo I Octane yuh sell offff to de world do yuh thing yuh bad

  7. nhunzi-san

    bhadman keeep di fire burning Jah afi bless u.mo’faya

  8. rasta1dread

    Blessed yut big up

  9. wade

    i octane seek,him a di real ting,just love how di man drop the tunes dem mobay.much love mi bredda

  10. crysandra

    You touch my soul with that voice of your I can listen to don’t leave me over and over it like you talking to me. i hope you are a loving man because you sure got soul love you

  11. kelvin bngura

    ioctain big yuth keep on moving i love all jamaican star

  12. shanicebuddah

    wonderful ioctane

  13. Peta-Gaye

    Hey Byiome, mon, yu a tear up di place rasta! Mi love yu lyrics dem str8888 Jah bless yu!!! Former schoolmate from Cross School and Garvey Maceo, well deserved, str88 love!

  14. kenisha

    Cant wait to see you in Belize ….Hope to go to your concert August 10th…2013

  15. Bobby tinas

    I like yo songs ratsa. Keep singing. God bless yuh forever

  16. Sam

    Yoa,u are one bad artist in the industry right now,i love your lyric so much,i can relay them cos I was born n raised in africa,proud of u bro….

  17. Kaw Sumbundu

    Yo star boi keep it up n keep bring us positive music



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