Movado Profile

Real name:David Constantine Brooks
Artist name(s): Movado
Date of Birth:Dec 5

Movado Biography:

Born and grow in Kingston Jamaica, David Constantine Brooks was running the streets wild trying to stay out of trouble in Cassava Piece one of the many ghettos that plague the young black youths. Growing up in the 90′s David experienced the boom of the dancehall and badman era, and looking up to artist such as Bounty Killer inspired him to work to be the biggest badman in dancehall.  A bit of luck struck David when one of his best friends had arranged to meet with Junior Reid at his studio in Kingston not knowing Bounty Killa would watch him preform and instantly recognize his talents.

There were many obstacles david had to face, trying to make it big was one thing but trying to stay alive in his community was another. Leaving Cassava Piece everyday prevented him to reach for the stars due to the dangers outside his very own home. Years later of hard work one of David’s popular friend selecta Foota Hype had moved him to another studio where
where he met up with Bounty yet again where he took him under his wing.

Movado now is one of the Biggest most recognizable artist in the dancehall right now working with legendary Reggae producers Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare, Don Corleon and Delly Ranks.

He has been in contact by Barak Obama presidential campaign team in order to gain recognition among the Jamaican community in America.

Movado has understood how to remain the biggest badman in dancehall by using his hardcore lyrics, raw talent and the understanding of what goes on in his country that the government pulls a blind eye over and singing about it. “Mi sing weh mi come see. A tings whe mi grow up on. Notice mi neva sing song seh di cow jump ova di moon,” commented Mavado to the Jamaica Star newspaper.

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  1. Wannie

    Movado…Movado…Movado….Yu don nwooo…Mi luv yu tothe max buoy…Hear wha,BIG UP MI A SEY,dON NOE MANA upcoming danchall artist,don noe sey mi bad as well yh…yo mi njx wan sey Big up yourself and big up your crew dem….GULLY GOD FI LIFE YH……GANGSTARR FI LIIIIIIIIFFFEEEE…..

  2. joeman

    mavado de baddest reggae chanter alive keep it up man …… Mansions in de sky

  3. IQ Badman

    MadRass,Bigup gully gad,gyaangsta fi life,David yo maad!faya cyaan kowl,Big s/o from gyaangsta Rasta Konnektionz,africa,Nigeria…blessup!

  4. Moffat rufus.

    Big up mavado aka gullygod! ade number one fan from kenya all de best ! Mad luv.

  5. Musisi Benard

    Yoyo Adat wid u Mavado u d Baddest ever mi like u swagg bway

  6. lauren

    i love him the best lyrically he knows what people like please email me

  7. omar

    bouy muvado big up yourself u da best? gambia

  8. Johnny Ash

    Movado, Mi lyk ya style e nuh. Ghana People dem want sey unuh a fi make collaborate with Shatta Wale. Shatta Wale a bi the greatest dancehall artiste inna Ghana and Africa.



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