Dancehall Music

Dancehall Music 2012:

Aidonia – Lala Land

Blak Ryno – Follow Me Up (Popcaan Diss)

Popcaan – Stay Far

Tommy Lee – War Wid Di Dead

Gaza Slim Interview About Jail/Vybz

Popcaan – Nah Sell Out

Vybz Kartel – Me A Pree

Baby Cham – Wine Video

Popcaan – Get Gyal Easy

Bounty Killa vs Beenie Man Clash 2011

Navino – Mad Over Mi

Aidonia – Good Gyal Weh Bad

Vybz Kartel – Money Dun

This year for 2012 would be a strange year for Dancehall music since the whole Gaza Camp has been split up and with the leader in Jail facing murder charges.  The good news is hopefully we can see some fresh new talent from some of the artist in Jamaica right now.  RRR Music will keep you up to date with only the latest and newest Dancehall and what is hot in and around the Caribbean.  Click on some of the songs that we post and enjoy a taste of what some of the hottest and influential music is like right here at RRR.

Dancehall Music 2011:

Popcaan Only Man She Want Video Shoot

Vote For Your Top Dancehall/Reggae Song 2011

Popcaan – No Yes Man

Aidonia – 6:30

Popcaan – Naughty Girl

Jamaica Speaks On Vybz Kartels Murder Charge

Vybz Kartel – Hug Mi Baby Studio Preview

Vybz Kartel – Ghetto Road

Aidonia – Dutty Heart People

I-Octane & Versatile – Enemy Yard/Nah Eat Video

Popcaan – So Bad/Adde Remix

Tommy Lee Mix 2011

Elephant Man – Dat Me Seh

Vybz Kartel – Mi Know Mi Friend

Vybz Kartel – Freaky Gal PT 2

Aidonia & Jah Vinci – Badmind Cyah Stop We

Aidonia – Caribbean Girl

Aidonia – Miss Yuh F**k

Popcaan – Gangsta City Part 2 Video Preview

Tiana ft Konshens – Gyal Mi Lov

Shawn Storm – Wine Gyal

Popcaan – Jeans So

Vybz Kartel – The Lyricist Pt. 2

Vybz Kartel – Turn Up The Scheme Video

Vybz Kartel – Open Up

Vybz Kartel – Go Go Wine

Shawn Storm – Gynecologist

Vanessa Bling ft. Vybz Kartel – One Man / Movin On Video

Vybz Kartel – Bike Back

Vybz Kartel – Real Badman

Mavado – Love Mi Life

Aidonia – Wine Up U Body (Pon Me)

Vybz Kartel Ft. Sheba – Benz Punany & You and Him Deh Video

Mavado – Tumping

Shawn Storm – Cheat Again

Blak Ryno – Mash Work (Popcaan Diss)

Mavado – Don’t Wanna Be A Memory

Mavado – Come Out A Mi Life

Mavado – Pepper

Movado Ft Shaggy – Girls Dem Love We

Popcaan Ft Shawn Storm – Gallis Fi Dem

Blak Ryno – Carpenter

Popcaan – Turn Up The Scheme

Vybz Kartel – What Goes Up

Vybz Kartel – Coloring Book Video

Popcaan – Hear Dem A Talk

Vybz Kartel – Sick Head Sick Head

Vybz Kartel & Russian Won Best colab 2010

Jah Vinci – Me Nah Miss

Vybz kartel ft. Russian – Look Pon We

Papcaan In Studio 2011

Singa Blinga & Lenny Mattic – Look Out Fi Badmind

Vybz Kartel Interview 2011

Vybz Kartel – All Of A Sudden

RRR Music is a Caribbean music website that gives you first taste of the latest in Dancehall music 2010 and 2011 on a daily basis. We only provide you with what music is going to be hot and what will play in the club months down the road. Right now Dancehall music has taken a big shift and fans are limbo. Vybz Kartel the most talented and influential artist right now in Jamaica has single handley changed Dancehall music. It will take around 2 more years before other artist try reaching at the bar that he has set so high. Regardless the music isn’t dead yet and is still being played worldwide and at RRR Music we are only going to give you the hottest and latest.

The Dancehall slackness is at its all time high and its also had a big effect on the music. The Prime Minister of Jamaica made sure that dirty content such as “Daggering” not to be played on the radio or they would be shut down. This still didn’t stop the hype but only made Dancehall fans want more. Dancehall stands today to target a younger market. Vybz Kartel made sure he signed up with Popcaan not only to use his raw talent but to go after the younger target market. Whether you like Gully or Gaza, Dancehall music has always fascinated fans from around the world and is still doing so today.

Always come back and visit us here at RRR Music where we only give you the latest Dancehall Videos and Lyrics everyday for your dancehall fix. RRR can hook you up with new interviews and sneak previews of songs first before you hear about it from somebody else. Check out the new songs below that are giving to you every week.

Dancehall Music 2010:

Vybz Kartel ft Sheba – Like Christmas Video

Vybz Kartel Mixtape 2010

Leftside and Mystic – Want Yuh Body Remix Video

Rihanna & Vybz Kartel – Whats My Name

Duss Medley Official Video

Aidonia – Nuh Par Wid (Vybz Kartel Diss)

Pamputtae – Too Bad Mine

Jay Z Talks About Vybz Kartel On Radio

Elephant Man – Sell Out

Busy Signal ft. Richie Loop n D-Major – Party Like Its Your Birthday

Vybz Kartel Signs Reggae Compassionate Act (News)

Vybz Kartel & Gaza Slim – Anything A Anything

Vybz Kartel & The Gaza Empire Duss Medley Video Shoot Preview

Vybz Kartel ft. Sheba – Like Xmas

Jah Cure ft. Rick Ross & Mavado – Like I See It

Exclusive new Dancehall Music only at

Aidonia – Wine & Bubble
Busy Signal-Up In Her Belly
Busy Signal – I Fu**ed Your Girl
Demarco – Cant Believe It In Jamaica
Mavado & Vybz Kartel – Beauty & The Beast Riddim (2008)
Serani – Make Money (Big League Riddim 2008)
Serani – We Grow (Beauty Riddim)
RDX – Daggerin - Hottest Passa Passa Daggerin track this summer!
Splendid & Spready Glory – Line It Up Inna Yuh Pum Pum – 100% Daggerin Bullet Bullet!
Movado – Real Killa – Movado is not slowing down hot song off Day Rave riddim.
Movado – Japanese – Movado is so funny doing all sort of music….song good still.
Bennie Man – Pickeny naw hold You Down - Listen to this cause he d king of the Dancehall.
Movado – It Aint Easy Being Me - Pretty good tune!

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