Riddims 2008

Here is a list of the Top Riddim’s for summer 2008 only on RRRMusic.com.  You will never get from any other sites a list of only the exclusive Riddims with videos.  We will update every Month and offer you the best possible Riddim for 2008 so you don’t have to go crazy searching for the right stuff.

riddim 2008


Tear Up Jeans RIddim – Has Taken the Caribbean by storm.  Serani kill’s this ol’school Riddim.

Work Out Riddim – Hype Riddim with man like Movado man like Mr. Evil Bullet Bullet!

Country Reggae Riddim – Best Riddim this year from Trinidad own Positive! Wicked tune.

Unfinished Business Riddim – Movado kills this riddim boi…….

RDX – Daggerin Riddim – This song and dance taking Passa Passa by storm!

Heat Stroke Riddim 2008 - Riddim is blazing hot right now for the summer must listen!

  1. suzie

    just want to know what is the old school riddim hot this year album called



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