Reggaeton Star Tempo Jailed 24 Years

free tempoOn August 28 2008 a Judge has Jailed David Sanchez (Tempo) 24 years in Prison.  This has been a huge blow to his Family, Friends and Family.  Back in 2002 Tempo was pick up by undercover police with his best friend Buddha (Tomas Muriel) for drug trafficking and was sent to jail.  Not much longer after they were locked up Tempo was forced to stay while his friend Buddha was let go on drug trafficking because he was not considered the ring leader.  Then two years later on  June 27 2004 a jury found Tempo guilty of conspiracy of possessing dealing drugs like heroin, marijuana, and crack cocaine. Not long after huge music superstars like Daddy Yankee, Lenox, Buda, Fat Joe, Tego Calderon, and more artist have launched a new petition so that do musician Tempo could have his freedom. The new campaign called “Free Tempo” is aiming to collect five million signatures before DAVID SANCHEZ Tempos real name appears in court again.  All the hard work put together from all the guys has achieved nothing and has taking a huge blow to the reggaeton world.

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  1. spike

    freeeeee tempoooooo!!!!!! borricua guerrero de la isla de la muerte. For those lambe tuerkas talking shit about tempo that he should rot in jail. i just got something to say . ya talk real stupid cuz hes a puerto rican rapper i bet if he wasnt hispanic and he was filthy rich all ya’ll would be by the tv crying and watching every minute….. pendejos ya mad cuz of the coke why dont ya look next door to ya and who knows you might live next to a meth head or worse a child molertor so dont be quick to judge cuz ya might have some fuckup in ya family worse than what ya say about tempo so ha

  2. Warner

    Free TEMPO. Still Here Con Tu Musica. Desde SPIC Esparando Mas De Tu Musica. Fuckin Lambones Si No Estubiera Preso No Se Que Fuera De Too Estos Raperitos Tecatos. Free TEMPO

  3. Warner

    El sistema nunca se llevo con el rap. Para mucha gente rap es shit. But they don’t know reaggaeton is fake and wack. They always talking about mujeres, toto, y cuando estan en sus casas tratan a sus mujeres like shit. Cuando TEMPO started la radio de Puerto Rico no lo quizo apollar y como quiera se hizo famoso without them help en tan poco tiempo para que despue venga el sistema trying to stop him putting him in Prison. That’s fuck up. Por eso los matan por ratas. TEMPO you have I think you can do all this stop like you did with the spanish rap and reggae que practicamente no existia y lo reviviste. Free TEMPO desde PONCE, Puerto Rico La Casa De Leones!!!!!

  4. erica maldonado

    I have known David (tempo) since he was 17. He does not deserve to be in prison. He is very talented and devoted to his music. Let’s free him. Temp we you love always!

  5. anthony

    locked him up only cause he was a good rapper FREE TEMPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. eduardo reyes

    Tempo mis respeto y te quremos en la libre como tempo ninguno arecibo


    FREE TEMPO!!!!!, no solo en Republica Dominicana y Puerto Rico, pero latino america entera, desde eastcoast,westcoast and third coast, over here in Houston Texas you have millions of fans supporting your music while them crucked mother fokers are making u do time, you when you get out like i say, we over here promote your music with honor and respect. Para todo el mundo que abla mierda de Tempo: se le colta la lengua pol mama guebo y ratrero al tratar de ofender el mejor rappero del caribe! TEMPO CON HONOR MIS RESPETO, BABYFLOW

  8. Nolo

    Free Tempo es el mejor rapero del mundo!!! Que bueno que va a salir en Diciembre!!!! No paso 24 anos. Que sus hijas lo nesecitan en casa carajo esas nenas sufren!!

  9. Maribel

    Free TEMPO!!!!!

  10. yvette

    espero te liberen pronto has sido unos d los mejores raperos d puerto rico he seguido tu musica a todos lados y es terrible como a un inocente lo tranten como un criminal y a los verdaderos culpables lo dejen libres como si nada

  11. miguel

    tempo needs to be free from federal prison theres no body as awsome as tempo

  12. jose amilcar lopez

    im a salvadorean x fed con n i have seen people get released for snitching n go out n do worse things ..tempo has talent to go out n change make a living the right. Way with his music let him out give chikd molesters 25 years not people that got caught up trying to make a living …Free tempo los salvadorenos got his back

  13. Carlito

    Tempo We need u out here Pai, the Streets ain’t the same without u Leon!! Espero que eso Puerkos LE pasan halgo a sis hijos para que SE den de CUENTA que lo que te juicier on a TI NO ES JUSTO!!!
    De Cora para siempre llo SE que te van a soltar porque Dios existe mi pana!!

  14. Carlos

    Free tempo mothafuckahs!!!!!

  15. Nino

    Don’t be a criminal and you will not go to jail…is simple…no one is above the law…is this ignorance that is giving all Puerto Rican a bad name…we are considered criminal and un-educated and people who like to live of the government…let get real…I love my island and my people…this is why I want the best for all Puerto Rican…

  16. cronic

    Tempo sigue siendo un buen ejemplo.
    Que ya mismo acaba tu tiempo.
    Libertad los vas a ver. Dios anda con usted. So lift your head. Anda con orgullo que ya complete con lo tuyo. Al fin como querrás, todavia con mucho blin blin y mucho mas respeto.

  17. cronic

    Y con tu combo. Perfecto

  18. cronic

    No deseo andar en tu sapato.
    Ni por un rato. Por que yo soy, el que pierdo mi casco y mato fuck me once shame on you fuck me twice sham on me. Time to make you bleed. Be strong kid youll live. Its a matter of time and thell be kissing behind.

  19. Gladys

    Siempre espere este momento k rico se debe sentir volver a ser libre. Yeahhhh bby u in the streets now con tu unico flow. U my favs ones. Free Tempo. desde aca en la distancia Milwaukee says free Tempo

  20. FUCK

    freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tempo

  21. javier Rivera

    Real talk my nigga is home and I could imagine how how happy his family and daughter are, now back to do what you know how to do, I really happy for U

  22. Julia Haley

    How do you let one go let tempo go to

  23. victor catalan

    real shit…i spend have my life in prison 15 year’s…federal and state…and all i can say knowing by experince,not nice what u did!!!!!!!!!!!hating as TEMPO said SE ACORDARAN DE EL…Trough his music you’ll the talent!



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