New Reggae Songs

Reggae 2013:

Demarco – Dem A Work

Mavado – Carpet

Konshens – Every Gyal

Chris Martin – Never Cheat

Popcaan – Unruly Rave [Official Music Video]

Konshens – How We Living

 Konshens (Goosebumps Riddim) 2013

Chris Martin – If I Die Tonight

Di Genius – Rich Rich Rich

Ninja Man – Ninja Mi Ninja [Official Music Video]





Popcaan – Unruly Rave


Vybz Kartel – Hold Me [Hurt It Up]

Vybz Kartel – Drop Top

Gaza Slim – Mama Said

Aidonia – Pon Di Pole Video

Busy Signal – Mi Deh Yah

Aidonia – Must Over Come

Black Ryno – Real Vybz

Aidonia – Bruki (Fi di jockey Pt.2)

Tommy Lee – C4 – C4 Riddim

Demarco – Seh Dem Bad

Busy Signal – Life Goes On

Popcaan – Road Haffi Tek On Video

I-Octane – Burn Di Trees

Demarco – Bun It Off

Vybz Kartel – Dead Already

Popcaan – More Cash

Demarco – Continue Whine

Konshens – Couple Up

Demarco – Need Your Love

Popcaan – Bere Gyalniss

Deva Bratt feat. Xyclone – Top Shottas Anthem Video

QQ – Ghetto Gal

Busy Signal – Bad Up Who

Vybz Kartel ft Gaza Slim – Children Are Our Future

Konshens – Naah Run Lef Mi Fren

Popcaan – Clean Stamp

Vybz Kartel – Convertible (RAW)

Popcaan – Party Non Stop

Busy Signal – You and Me

Aidonia – She A Have Me Baby

Busy Signal – Bad Up Who

Mavado – Mr Tek Weh Yuh Gal

Lady Saw – Heels On Video

Vybz Kartel – Divine Love

Konshens – You Can Dweet

Sean Paul — Body



Click Here For New Dancehall Music 2012

Vote For Your Top Dancehall/Reggae Song 2012

Exclusive New Reggae Music:

Reggae 2012:

Fantan Mojah – Just The Feeling

Khago – Dash Out yuh Lov

Tommy Lee – Party Time

RDX- Broad Out Video

Popcaan Ft Sincere – Love We Bad Video

Aidonia – Better Must Come

Mavado – Special Gyal

Vybz Kartel Ft Gaza Slim – Celebrate

I-Octane – Do Road Rough

Konshens – Don’t Diss Mama

Vybz Kartel – Party Vybz

Leftside Ft. Sean Paul – Want Yuh Body Flip Video

Munga – When You Touch Me

Vybz Kartel – Get You Owner Lighter

Mavado – Disrespect

Lisa Hyper Ft Laza Morgan – Gangsta Girl

Vybz Kartel – Born Bad

Beenie Man – Dweet Again Video

Vybz Kartel & Gaza Slim – Can’t Do Without Me

Demarco – Steady Wine / Bold Touch

Blak Ryno – Protect Mi Life

Vybz Kartel – My Crew (Official Video)

Popcaan – Mi Baby Dat

Busy Signal – A Wa Dis Many 

Jah Cure – That Girl

Overtime Riddim 2012 Mix

Beenie Man – Summer Is Here 2012

Popcaan – Girls Medley Video 2012

Dynamite Riddim Mix 2012

Sean Paul – Caught

Vybz Kartel – Real Friend

Popcaan – Food Haffi Run

Busy Signal – Poolside

Konshens – Slap Weh

Jah Vinci – Whine Fi Me Baby

Vybz Kartel – Dis Gon Shot

Mavado – What’s Love

Summer Wave Riddim Mix 2012

Vybz Kartel – I Smoke Weed

Konshens – Stop Sign Video

Coolie Gal Riddim Mix 2012

Busy Signal – Hottest Hothead Video

I-Octane – Can’t Get Over I

Aidonia – The Only One

Beenie Man – Bend Down Low

Khago – She’s In Love

Vybz kartel – Bubble Hard

Demarco – Still Ah Hold Ah Vibez

Vybz Kartel – Ghetto Life

Vybz Kartel – Lip Gloss 2012

Wet Up Riddim Mix 2012

Konshens & Tifa – Destiny

Popcaan – She Want Hood

Tommy Lee – Journeys

Blak Ryno – Ice Cream

Popcaan – Body Good

Shawn Storm – Long Love

Mavado – Soulja Girl

Vybz Kartel Ft. Tina Nunez – Bubble

Mavado – Come Round

Popcaan Ft Busta Rhymes – Only Man She Want Remix

Demarco – Gal Dem Want Wine

Anthony B – Nuh Bad Like Da Bwoy Ya Video

Demarco – She Nah Leave


Groove Riddim 2012 Mix Medley

Merital – Clean & Out

Jah Mason – As Me Rise

Vybz Kartel – Party Me Say 2012

Busy Signal – Missing You Video

Popcaan – Party Shot Video

Freedom Shines Riddim Mix 2012

Gyptian – Gyal Gimme Some

Demarco – 6 30 Video Song & Video Preview

Popcaan – Stay Far

Serani – Dear Lord

Jah Vinci – Real Woman

Konshens – Bad Gal Video

Vybz Kartel – Forgive Me

Busy Signal – Tell Dem Already

Popcaan & Shurwayne Winchester – Nobody Badda Dan We Remix

Blak Ryno – Why Life Nuh Sweet

Vybz Kartel – Me A Pree

Lutan Fyah – Food

Konshens – Do Sumn’ Video

Popcaan – Get Gyal Easy

Popcaan – Only Man She Want Video

Demarco – Whining Test

Beenie Man – Gal Wi Seh

Busy Signal ft Major – Stick To The Girls Video

Mavado – Badmind Cyaa Hold Me Again

Demarco – Gal Dem Love Me

Collie Buddz – I Feel So Good

Chris Martin – Cheaters Prayer Video

Navino – Bun Yo Cyaah Stop

Reggae 2011:

Mr Vegas – Bruk it Down Video

Sean Paul Ft. Zia Benjamin – Standing There

Bikini Riddim Mix 2011

Symphony Riddim Mix 2011

Demarco – Nuff Gal Video

Russian – Brown Yute Deh

TGIF Riddim Mix 2011

Sean Paul – Hold You Tonight (Raw)

Busy Signal – Gyalis

Gyptian – Love You So

Popcaan – Party Shot (Ravin Part 2)

Richie Spice – Bad Weather

Mavado ft Akon – Survivor

Busy Signal – Tonight

Popcaan – Raving Video

Elephant Man – Needle Eye

Jah Vinci – Love Tonight

Sean Paul – Roll Wid The Don

Popcaan – Naughty Girl

6:30 Riddim Mix 2011

Gappy Ranks – When You Cry

Vybz Kartel – You Move Me

Police Have Vybz Kartel Committing Murder On Video

Overproof Riddim Medley Video 2011

Busy Signal – Can’t Live So

Merital – Money Laugh

Popcaan – Clean Video

Charly Black – Too Blessed Video

Mavado – Pretty Lady Video

Aidonia – In Your Eyes

Khago – If This Is Not Love Video

Navino – Chillin Time Video

Gyptian – Hero

Busy Signal – New Money Old Money

Jah Vinci – Wine A Control Me

Sunrise Riddim Mix 2011

Mavado – Stay Far

Aidonia – Summer Sun/One More Gal

Mavado – Love Me Girl

Beenie Man – Come Over

Jah Cure – From My Heart

Charly Black – Just A Talk

G Whizz – Mi Affi Win

Jah Vinci – Set Me Free

Vybz Kartel – Freaky Gal PT 2

Gyptian – So Much In Love Video

Futurama Riddim Mix 2011

Vybz Kartel – Me In Love

Tajji – Best Friend Video

Vybz Kartel – Every Gal A My Gal Preview 2011

Producer Talks About Success Of Overproof Riddim 2011

After Summer Riddim 2011

Blak Ryno – Pagan

I-Octane & Versatile – Nah Eat

Popcaan Having Fun With New Music Producers

Kiprich – Real Swagga

Blak Ryno – Deh So

Vybz Kartel – Nymphomaniac

Mr Vegas – Beautiful Life

Elephant Man – Nah Sell Out Video

Jah Cure – Nothing

Popcaan – Clean

Vybz Kartel – Put It On Hard

Vybz Kartel – The Best Of Them

Busy Signal – Hear What I Say

Richie Loop ft Chris Martin – Summer Spazz

Tommy Lee – A Million

Demarco – Nuff Gal

Vybz Kartel – Love You Enuh

Laza Morgan Ft. Mavado – One By One

Takeover Riddim Mix 2011

Gyptian – All Over

Mavado – Settle Down

Vybz Kartel – Warn Him Raw

Khago – Tun Up Di Ting Video

Demarco – Rest It A Me Foot

Rihanna Cropover New Video/Pics 2011

Beenie Man – Lets Go Video

Charly Black – Chat Too Much

Black Ryno – Gal Love The Garrison

Elephant Man – When We Party

Mavado – Lost Dem

Busy Signal – Real Star Gyal

I-Octane – Come Close

Club Hoppin Riddim 2011

Mavado – Final Destination

Aidonia – Summer Sun

Richie Spice – Survivor

Vybz Kartel Ft Gaza Slim – Love Journey

Blak Ryno – Walk & Talk (Popcaan/Vybz Diss)

Mavado – Fly Again

Vybz Kartel ft Byrd Villain – Who Are You

I-Octane – Mi Sorry

Vybz Kartel – Summer Time Official

Pressure – Stand Firm

Ex Vybz Kartel Corey Todd Interview 2011

Shawn Storm – Have Fun

Vybz Kartel Album Kingston Story 2011

City Streets Riddim Mix

Merital Family Talks Live About Leaving Portmore Empire

Busy Signal Ft. D Major – Stick To The Girls

Gaza Slim – Always

Vybz Kartel – Go Go Wine Video

Popcaan – Ravin

Vybz Kartel & Russian – Get Gal Anywhere Raw

Vybz Kartel – Welcome The Outlaw

Jah Cure – Mother Earth

Gyptian Ft. Ataru – Life That I’m Living

Jah Mason – From Wah Day

Jah Cure – Look Both Ways

Vybz Kartel ft. Gaza Slim – Best Of Me

Sean Paul ft Fambo – Wedding Crashers

Gyptain – Let Me In

Popcaan – Gangster City Video

Popcaan Leaves Vybz Kartel

Tarrus Riley – Good Thing Going

Mavado – Delilah

Sizzla – Nah Go Work

Popcaan – Seh Dem Bad

Vybz Kartel – British Love (Anything For You)

Vybz Kartel – Mi Baby

Richie Spice interview 2011

Skinny Fabulous ft. Busy Signal – Rave Out

Busy Signal – Come Home

I Octane – Gone With The Youth Dem Soul

Locust Riddim Mix 2011

Vybz Kartel – Summer Time

Category 5 Medley Video

Leftside (Avatar) – All That I Am

Gyptian – Yeah Yeah

Elephant Man – No Weapon

Shawn Storm In Studio 2011

Stephen Di Genius – Bounce A Gyal

Vybz Kartel – Life Goes On

Popcaan – The City Yeah

Bugle – Nah Follow Nobody

Gyptian – Miss World

Bugle – Life Me A Deal Wid

Collie Buddz ft Sean Paul – On My Way Back Home

Vybz Kartel – Poor People Land

Vybz Kartel – All Of A Sudden

Gyptian – Tell You My Mind

Machel Montano Ft. Russian & Chan – Burning Up

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Reggae Music 2010:

Vybz Kartel – She So Pretty

Popcaan – Jah Jah Watch Over Me

Khago ft Beenie Man – Want A Search

Fambo ft. Unga – This Life

Junior X ft. Gyptian – Destiny

Vybz Kartel – Testify

G – Whizz – In Loving Memories

Busy Signal – Grab and Wine

Vybz Kartel & Gaza Slim – Anything A Anything

Vybz Kartel & The Gaza Empire Duss Medley Video Shoot Preview

Beenie Man – Dont Diss Mi Woman

Ricky Blaze – You & I

Jah Cure ft. Rick Ross & Mavado – Like I See It

G Whizz – Whether or Day Video

Richie Loop & Future Fambo – Drink Drink

Vybz Kartel – Cake Soap

Busy Signal – Gal Bounce

Vybz Kartel – Me Bible Deh Near Me

Vybz Kartel – Dumpa Truck/ Girl Mi Love Suh Video

Mavado – Pon Di Ting

Mavado – Jah Is Coming Soon

Vybz Kartel – No Wild Grain

Ricky Blaze – Just You & I

Popcaan – Fake Friend

Vybz Kartel ft Gaza Indu – Know Bout Me

Vybz Kartel – Turn & Wine

Jah Cure – Unconditional Love

Mavado – House Top

Elephant Man – Breed It

Busy Signal – Nightshift / One More Night Video

Merital – My Money

Vybz Kartel – Whine Fi Me

Busy Signal – Little Piece

Vybz Kartel – My Love

Mavado – Starlight

Vybz Kartel – Beg Yuh A Fuck

Vybz Kartel – Unfaithful

Busy Signal – Soon You Will Find Out

Reggae December 2009:

Chris Brown ft. Sean Paul – Brown Skin Girl
Mavado – Sing Song
Vybz Kartel – Spend Time
Busy Signal – You Never Knew
Shaggy & Tessanne Chin – Never Let Me Go
Demarco ft. Ding Dong – Badmind Energy
Mr Vegas – Something About You

Vybz Kartel & Don Sniper – Hice It Up Medley
Busy Signal – Ms Rubba Waist
Mavado – Sting Dem
Vybz Kartel – Motocyclist
Gaza Kim- I Love You
Black Ryno ft Shawn Storm – A Di Same Gal
Vybz Kartel – You Cant Say
Dancehall Music is Bad For Jamaica?
Vybz Kartel – You Cant Say
Laden – Never Depend
Vybz Kartel & Sheba – Gal Wah Mi Do You Mek You Do Mi Dat
Munga – My Own
Mavado – Give Her Everything
Blak Ryno – Undercover Love
Blak Ryno – Bike Back
Vybz Kartel – Story Of My Life
Vybz Kartel-Love Dem
Mavado – She beat him

September Reggae Hits 2009:

Vybz Kartel – Come Back Home
Mr Vegas – Whine For Me
Demarco ft. Voicemail – Show It
Vybz Kartel – Go Go Club
Blak Ryno – Pon Di Earth
Busy Signal – Hustling Hard
Vybz Kartel – Mother in law
Aidonia – Mood For Love
Mavado ft Stephen Di Genius – Cant Take Wi Life
Serani – When Its Cold
Vybz Kartel ft Lisa Hype – Ball Fi Bun

Vybz Kartel – Life We Living
Vybz Kartel ft Gaza Kim – Danger
Mavado – Gal Bend Ova
Jason Mraz – im Yours Feat Jah Cure and Lil Wayne
Tarrus Riley ft Demarco & Vybz Kartel – Herbs Promotion
Mavado – House Cleaning
Busy Signal – Bite My Ting (Dirty Spot Riddim)
Vybz Kartel & Lisa Hype – How Yuh Do It Like Dat
Busy Signal – Pum Pum Pum
Demarco – Keep The Lights On
Busy Signal – Some Man A Pussy Face
Elephant Man – Nah Fren No Enemy
Mavado – Sweetest Time

June/July Summer Video’s & Riddims For 2009:

Vybz Kartel ft Gaza Indu – Mi Soldier
Busy Signal – Cah Buy We Out
Mr Vegas- Brand (Summer Bounce Riddim)
Vybz Kartel – Slow Motion
Vybz Kartel – My Everything
Mavado – Dem A Talk
Vybz Kartel – Like A Movie
Mavado – Let Me Go
Black Ryno – Can I
Busy Signal – Nah Go Dung Deh


Busy Signal – Da Style Deh
Busy Signal – One More Night
Kiprich – Sex Ride
Demarco – Shes My Baby
Tony Matterhorn – Survivor
Tami Chynn – Forever Your Girl
Elephant Man – Bless We More
Munga – Me Want Money
Busy Signal – Any Gyal
Boone Chatta – Nah Believe Yuh
Vybz Kartel ft Stephen Di Genius – Careful
Mavado – Dem Alone
Kybz Kartel – Affi Come Back
Demarco – Fat Pussy Gal Dem
Blak Rhyno – Work Hard Everyday
G Whizz – Life Video
Indian – No Tears
Aidonia – I Like Her
Charly Black – Money Dreama
Timeka Marshall – All Night (Video)

Busy Signal – I Miss You
Karl Morrison Ft Busy Signal – Cyaa Stop We
Busy Signal – Night Shift
Vybz Kartel Ft. Nuff – Rich Money Maker
Blak Ryno – Wish I Could See You Again
Busy Signal – Blaze Up The Herbs
Bling Dawg – Jamaica Jamaica
Mavado & Busta Rhymes – So Blessed

Blak Ryno – Cry Eye Water
Popcann – Jah Jah Protect Me
Gyptian – Butterfly
Gyptian – Love Against The Wall (Video)
I-Octane – Mama You Alone
Munga – Afta 7
Voicemail – Time (Karma Riddim)
Jah Vinci – Wipe Those Tears
Richie Spice – More Life
Morgan Heritage – Cant Get We Out
Jah Cure – Never Mind
Vybz Kartel – Dollar Sign

Demarco – Roof Over my Head
Vybz Kartel – Tell Him A Lie (Sort Har Out)
Demarco Ft Ding Dong – Sprinkle The Place
Elephant Man – Haters
Mavado – A So You Move

Serani – Its So Hard
DaVille – Neva Gonna Cry
Busy Signal – Send It Home
Mavado – Never Believe You
Machel Montano ft. Collie Buddz – Fly Away
Gyptian – Jah
Demarco Ft Tarrus Riley – Over And Over
TOK – Weekend Celebration
General B – Act Like A Girl (Kiprich Diss)
Kiprich – Baby Mother Drama
Busy Signal – The Tightest
Chino ft Di Genius – Wi Nuh Like Dem
Demarco – She Cah Wait
Dr Evil – How Could You Be So (Heartless Riddim)
Busy Signal – Live Ya Life

Bugle – Please
Junior Reid Ft. Lil Wayne – Ghetto Youths Rock
Busy Signal & Tupac – Changes Mix
Vybz Kartel – Wine Yuh Body
Jah Cure – Two Way Street
Ms. Divah – Bust Your Windows
Busy Signal – Tic Toc Music Video
Serani – Stinkin Rich
Tarrus Riley – Hi Hi
T.O.K ft Bennie Man – Hottest Girl In The World (Miss World)
MAVADO CAA BAD MI UP (kartel Diss 2008)
Busy Signal – Mek She Stamma
Sky Daggering Riddim – Adonia – Hundred Stab

Reggae 2008:

Positive – Great Day - Ok you must click this tune if you love Trini Dub!
Demarco – Put A Foot Inna Mi Bed – Demarco is my Fav and dis song pretty good but not his best!
Serani – No Games – Dis man real hot, blazin song!
2Face Idibia – African Queen – Biggest reggae tune right now, you will love it
Issac Blackman – Dont let go – Hot trini artist blazing track
Richie Spice – Shine – Well eveything from Richie is always good.
Aidonia – Up Inna Belly - Work out riddim aidonia comes through with this hit
Serani – Romance – Listen to this blazing track from Deaseca 2008 riddm
Demarco Ft. Daville – Blessing Multipy – Listen to this tune and you know it will be huge this year.

Collie Buddz – She Gimmie Love June 23, 2008 Brand new Collie Buddz does it again with dis track.
Sean Paul – Wicked Bed- June 23, 2008 Listen to Sean Paul’s new song off the Infrared Riddim.
Gyptain & Jah Vision – June 23,2008 Amazing new track from Gyptian and the up and coming star Jah Vision
Movado – Baby Girl- June 22, 2008 Watch Movado new love song.
Positive – Only In The Ghetto - June 21, 2008 Hot Reggae Artist From Trinidad & Tobago
Demarco – I Remember – June 16, 2008 – This is Demarco’s latest single…
Gyptian – Which One – June 16, 2008 – Brand new Gyptian… this song is HOT!

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