Alexis y Fido Ft Wisin y Yandel – Energia Remix

The new Energia Remix now dropped for the weekend this time with Wisin y Yandel.   Alexis y Fido song Energia was a huge success across the world this year and is still being played on the radio.  Wisin y Yandel do what they do best, jump on the hottest Reggaeton singles cause they cant come out with new stuff on there own.  Even though they didn’t hack up this remix too bad I am just tired of there flow its all the same on every song they do.  It seems they lack creativity and are using there ranking to bully there way on singles they dont deserve to be on.  I would rather have Zion y Lennox or Nova or Jory on it.  I find Wisin y Yandel should throw in the towel or stick to being the Backstreet Boys of Reggaeton and leave the good music to the real artist!  Let us know how you feel below and voice how you feel right here at RRR Music the hottest Reggaeton site online.

  1. cesar

    lol backstreet boys of reggaeton i kinda have to agree with you wyy r going too pop and electro same flow every song boring there last album was shit and they havnt really been doing nothing new much better artiist out there this song isnt good with them on it the original is better

  2. cris

    the only mistake is that they got on an alexis y fido track, these guys had some good hits but have not evolved and sound the same. w y are at the top and can afford to take risks.

  3. RRR Music

    @cris – I see what your saying but if they dont take a risk anytime soon then they would be history for good. When they first came out there wasnt much competition as there is right now. I cant remember the last time I heard a good song from them. Cesar is right the last album was a let down and I would never pay for it.

  4. EddieG

    I feel the same way about Wisin y Yandel…they havent come out with anything worth while…there is so many other artist out right now that are better…and remixs that are better…Opi is one of those artist he was really the main force behind nos vamos de shopping and was on the remix. he actually came out with a continuation of that song nos vamos de shopping part two which is just as hot heres a link to the song.

  5. pr4life

    wisin y yandel suck man…….there audience is full of 12 year old girls

  6. RRR Music

    @ Eddie – Good looking out! The thing is we can’t have any links to download to other sites for the time being. As much as I would love a direct download we have to be careful right now for copyright infringement cause we can be shut down.

    RRR Music Staff

  7. gilfade

    i never digg wisin and yandel dey use da saime style lik every song.!i agree wit rrr.!

  8. cesar

    they did way better music in the old school perreo days and when they came out with tiraera with other artists these people now work wwith alot of the same artists and it gets really boring

  9. Jorgee A.

    alex y fido son los reyes del perreo fuk no not anymre k es estoo

  10. Ricky

    I like how everyone always talks shit about wisin y yandel BUT their top selling records prove otherwise. AND not to mention being the only reggaeton artists to sell out the STAPLES CENTER, AA Stadium in miami AND MADISON SQUARE GARDEN. Three of the biggest arenas in the US.

    if you cant back up your with facts, then just keep your mouth shut.

  11. Ricky


  12. B.BoyZero


  13. Krizy

    @ ricky- i agree with you!
    apparently they are doing something right if they managed to sell out the biggest arenas! people need to stop hating because they changed reaggeton history with their music, so they haven’t changed their styles that okay because apparently people like it if they have their CD on the top selling music chart

  14. jose

    they sell out cause they have the right marketing. Look at there audience all 10 year olds. They where the first to come out. I give them credit for paving the way but now there time is up and give it to the REAL REGGAETON ARTISTS

  15. reggaetonlatino

    you people gots some problems cuz if you dont like it shut the fuk up cuz no gives a shit if you like it and you haters dont hav to listen to it bitches ……

  16. Gabriel

    I Love Alexis & Fido Nice

  17. Sam

    I love all the songs that are from WY and the ones they are featured on. I don’t care if all the songs almost sound the same like SOME say but they are still super GOOD in all their songs :) Continue composing good music don’t care what any one else say



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