Baby Rasta Y Gringo Ft. Daddy Yankee – La La La La Remix


Daddy Yankee Baby Rasta y Gringo

Daddy Yankee Baby Rasta y Gringo

Time is up and now the Remix has come out for La La La La with Daddy Yankee.  Baby Rasta y Gringo has teamed up with the king Daddy Yankee to make this original even better.  Now i remember posting the original and many fans here at RRR Music where hating huge on this song.  But all of them hating you cant now cause Daddy Yankee killed this track and i find its one of the best Remixs i heard this year.  Even after the video i am playing this song even more!  Check it out below and let me know if you like the song or not! Enjoy……


  1. Ceasar

    wat who hated on this song when it first released the original was bad and this song just got even better i have to agree wit you dy killed it

  2. HIPHOP44

    what amazing remix

  3. mami

    I agree a bess remix!!!!

  4. What can DY not kill ?????HONESTLY I’m personally waiting for some remixes to come off the Mundial album I bet he is taking his time hmmmmm.NOT A FAN OFTHIS TUNE That La La La…..oh well. Please God let there be a ‘We from the Bled “remix and a “Somos de Calle remix 3/ or Third Edition and please God make sure Kendo Kaponi gets first dibs on the track…….Amen. :)

  5. Cesar

    somos de calle 3? hmm that might be a good one but we from the bled that song was terrible no need for a remix well maybe a remix might actually make the song hot lol both el momento and mudial sucked hottest song was that remix they did wit wyy loco remix and off the mudial alvum maybe like 2 i liked i can only remember 1 la senal

  6. Tru dat Cesar i agree…..but hav faith in the power of the remix :)

  7. Bruno (not the one from this song)

    time to bump up this song to #1 on your list my friend

  8. angie chalco

    espero que esta musica les gusten a los chavos y d8sfruten de la vida



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