Baby Rasta y Gringo – La, La, La, La

Baby Rasta y Gringo 2010





Here is Baby Rasta y Gringo new tune called “La La La La” brought to you by RRR Music, the hottest Reggaeton website 2010.  This song is there first single off of there new album “The Night Before The Nightmare” that is going to be sick.  Baby Rasta and Gringo are one of the hottest groups right now and they told us at RRR Music that they are only growing to be the best out there.

Let us know what you think of Baby Rasta y Gringo new song below at our comments section where you can write anything you want!

  1. david

    sounds gay…..a lot of this new “reggaeton” doesn’t even sound like reggaeton, it sounds like gay lollipop pop music and even the lyrics “la la la” sound gay……someone chopped the balls off of reggaeton or what?

  2. RRR Music


  3. el sipote

    jajaja si es cierto mano…jaja

  4. Ana

    tampoco me gusta…

    despued d q hayan ofenidido a wisin y yandel no me caen para na’

  5. lilly

    yooo,thats has changeddd.ALOTT;

  6. alex

    solo falta farruco en esta cancion un remix pa partiles el culo atodos ……….. ta brutal

  7. marce

    es lo mejor de baby rasta y gringo que e escuchado en el reggaeton

  8. Dougie_17




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