Cosculluela Ft Wisin & Yandel – Prrrum Remix


Cosculluela Wisin y Yandel 2010

Cosculluela Wisin y Yandel 2010


Brand new Reggaeton Cosculluela Prrrum Remix featuring Wisin y Yandel brought to you by RRR Music 2010. So we have Cosculluela original Prrrum that hit #1 on the Reggaeton Top Charts for this month but this remix is shit! Now i am intitled to my opinion but this is really shit. Let me know please if i am wrong, and you can write your comments below! I was really expecting way better from to of the hard hitter players in the Reggaeton industry!

Even though we post only the best and latest reggaeton we should not exclude music that people are feeling the vybz.  This new Remix Prrrum is getting alot of air play so we decided to post it even though its crap at RRR Music studio!

  1. Ana

    i don’t like it neither
    the original is better!!

  2. fuk yew ana its hot either den orig

  3. Luis

    Yeaq Fu this I think the original I fucking better

  4. jovii

    ii mean itz str8t i just think they could of done alot betta..i would of expected alot more from these duz cuz dey one of the my favz!!!but they still my duz tho!

  5. Sam

    I would’ve expected a lot better w/ wisin y yandel in the remiix.

  6. manny

    i don’t like the prummmm vocal sound he makes…….sounds kinda awkard…

  7. staytrue775ren

    haha damn yandels voice is hella tight
    so all u fuken haters dont get mad cuz he gets more pussy dan u

  8. wanda


  9. kenia

    I love it so fuck all da haterzzzzzz:)

  10. i like da remix better with my boos

  11. EM

    fuck all of you dat said its wackk..this shit is the BOMM..Dodnt hate bithcess….

  12. dalia

    this song is super cool :) prrrum ;)

  13. mercy

    bitches who da fuk askes 4 ur comments???…dey better than u….so dnt be another hater

  14. RRR Music

    RRR Music asked for their comments!

  15. PeruanaMami

    Whyy all you hatin’? This remixx is actuallly goood<3;
    better than Nardo Ranks remix (:

  16. isluigi5




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