Daddy Yankee ft Don Omar – Miss Independiente

Joan & ONeill The Street Kingz – Noche De Caseria

Joan & ONeill The Street Kingz – Noche De Caseria

Here is some new music from our boy Daddy Yankee with Don Omar with “Miss Independiente” brought to you first by RRR Music.  This song seems to be getting a lot of attention right now online and people seem to be feeling it.  I will have to say that this song is boring and does nothing for me.   When i saw the title I thought they where going to steal Ne Yo beat.  Thank god they didnt, cause many Reggaeton artist seem to do it.  You cant put these too together and just get an average song.  I think that they should have stayed in the studio longer and come out with a better song! I feel its missing something.  Remember just because these guys come together doesnt mean i am going to like it. If you feel the same let me hear it in the comment area below!

  1. Cesar

    hmmm definately not better than hasta bajo and desafio i wouldnt say its a terrible song but not really feeling the vibe on this one i cant see myself listining to this more than once

  2. mami

    I agree with you Cesar, its not a terrible song but I think I may listen to it more than once but Id get fed up with it after a few listens!

  3. R U KIDDING ME…….do i hav to look for an alternate REGGAETON WEBSITE????

  4. RRR Music

    LOL……come on reggaetonluv, wouldnt u expect better from 2 guys like this?

  5. PABLO E

    This song is ok but i know i will get tired of it after 2 plays.

  6. aRiJ

    i expected more reggeton beat to this song.. this is pure pop musik.. k paso con el perreo… ???

  7. polet

    totally missing he reggaeton beat ..
    i’m not a big fan of don omar either .. always the same boring shite ..

  8. RRR whatz happin’in i rush to the site and…………nothing new i need my fix, in the meantime im listning to mixtapes!!!!!! REGGAETON FOR LIFE

  9. RRR Music

    Honestly this week has been really dry for good Reggaeton Music!

  10. DY&DOalltheway

    welll i dont see how yu guys can criticize this song, its actualy good,and i dont see yu guys making a better song so, shut the f*** up bout it, k?, thnk yu

  11. gutipaisa

    yeah this song too poppy. does get old after a few plays, time for reggaeton to move on from the trance/techno phase. Go back to reggae beats in 2011

  12. RRR Music

    excellent gutpasia i agree



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