Delirious – R.I.P Cosculluela (Tiraera Pa Cosculluela)

We have some Reggaeton Beef with Delirious attacking Cosculluela with his new song R.I.P Cosculluela brought to you by RRR Music.  I don’t know what Delirious is doing.  Attacking Cosculluela is like a Tercel (Delirious)  racing Bugatti Veyron (Cosculluela).  One thing I hate is when unrecognized artist try and go after the kings of the industry just to get known.  Also what is up with Delirious fake Jamaican slang. LOL this guy is a joke.  Dont get me wrong I do think Delirious has talent but being hard is not your thing.  I am sure if we dropped him in Tivoli Gardens talking like that he would be killed.  He clams he is the best with out even making a name for himself. What a joke.
People are saying that Cosculluela owes him money for music he made for him. Why don’t you go to a lawyer then?  Check this poor attempt to get attention right here at RRR Music.

  1. Cesar

    i hope coscu murders this man i hate it too when new artist try to take out top artists in the industry this guy aint got nothin on coscu its all based on jealousy though cause coscu fame and popularity is way bigger than thi guy delirious

  2. cubanita

    i agree wit Cesar

  3. Andres

    He aint that good, and its quite pathetic. When an artist ace una tiraera es por q no tiene material.

  4. papi

    hahaha I actually giv him props 4 attacking a big man in the game. Andres u r right, he prob dusnt kno what else 2 sing bout tho

  5. carina concepcion

    i like reggeaton because is cool then hip-hop

  6. niinii27

    he has talent n balls but stiill u cnt just b a unknown and attack a biig artiist

  7. allison

    jajaja…hijos de puta…. odio a los latinos que se creen americanos… y hablan en ingles…y critican a los latinos siendo ellos igual… NO sean tan pendejos…majes…

  8. allison

    son envidiosos …porque otros tienen lo que ustedes no tendrian ni aunque volvieran a nacer… TRAGENSE EL TALENTO!!! de este regetonero…..

  9. Raquel :``

    Atacoo a Cosculluelaa por esoo nadiie lo conocee !! jajajajaja !! idiotaa ¬¬



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