Eddy Lover – Amor Bonito

Just when you thought Eddy Lover was gone he now is back with his new song “Amor Bonito” brought to you by RRR Music.  I have to say that this song is really good and has a nice flow to it.  I have to admit I missed when Eddy Lover never came out with new music cause his voice is so unique and artists from Panama are so talented.  Too bad we only have  a few to listen too.  Check out the song and let us know what you think below.

  1. sexyamor666

    nice song! vote me up

  2. Lisahype

    Big up my Panama peoples!

  3. mami

    I realllyyyy like dis one! His voice is really unique fuh tru!

  4. ElMata

    His voice annoys me

  5. Gv Type X

    I heard Eddie Lover is Gay. Is this true?

  6. mami

    Gv Type X y does it matter so much 2 u? U trying 2 get a hook up…. I doubt u r his type anyways

  7. DeX

    beat is good, his voice n lyrics are childish. crap.

  8. Dayanaa

    His Voice sounds to gayy.. i would still jam to it.

  9. Cubanita

    Good Song…I Like His Voice..Even Though It Kinda Soundz Gay But Itz Still A Good Song To Listen To :D



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