Fainal РExtra̱andote


Fainal Reggaeton 2010

Fainal Reggaeton 2010

Here is Fainal new single “Extranandote” brought to you by RRR Music the best source for reggaeton music 2010.  Here is one of my favourate songs for March and its from a guy who is very underrated and deserves more credit in the industry.  Fainal voice is very impressive and i hope this guy comes out with more music like this cause its refreshing.


Let us know what you think of the song below at our comments section!  Should you vote this song in the RRR Music Reggaeton Top Ten?  All of best lyrics and videos are all here at RRR Music.  Check out one of the hottest songs this month with Fainal in Extranandote below!



    a donde podria enviarles mas musica de fainal?
    soy su compania y manager. un saludo. gracias x l apoyo
    fabio acosta

  2. Tim

    I like this song most artist just have like cookie cutter rithyms and this has great sound ima go buy this guys album

  3. Tim

    oh and ima add this song to my Myspace page so all my friends can enjoy this song aswell

  4. natalie

    beautifull song just love it



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