Farruko – Besas Tan Bien

We had to wait for the summer to come near before we are hearing all these hits.  Now we got a sick joint with Farruko called Besas Tan Bien that you would like. The only issue I have with this song is that the Reggae artist on it really shows that Reggaeton producers are behind with the Reggae scene these days. No new Reggae artist ever sings like this anymore this was something in the mid 90′s.  I feel if Reggaeton joins Dancehall with the Riddims/beats it would cause Reggaeton to blow up even more than it is.  Hopefully they will be 10 years ahead of the music scene instead of 10 years behind.  Check it out the song is good and there is way more to come.

  1. Lolita

    Me Encanta…

  2. El Intocable

    This isn’t Besas Tan Bien bro… This is No Es Una Gial Ft. De La Ghetto

  3. Joel

    Está muy piolaaa :)

  4. tmpr*

    mejor cancion from the farruko imerio nazza edition i love it

  5. Melvin

    RRR Music, I question you critiques… This song is excellent. Puerto Rican Reggaeton! Just the way I like it. Last thing I want is music closer to dancehall. I don’t like the savagery that comes from Jamaica/Trinidad/Haiti music, I especially hate it when Reggaeton artists adopt the yelling voice of Dancehall, just horrible.

    Good job Farruko!

  6. RRR Music

    I dont think you know Dancehall very well. I dont know any current Dancehall/Reggae artist that yells like Franco does in his songs. Reggaeton wouldnt be around if it wasnt for Trinidad/Jamaica/HiPHop. The new Dancehall right now has adopted a new flow/style unlike Reggaeton. Only a few artist like Gringo/Gotay/Yankee have the ability to move in a new direction that works. In my opinion I think Reggaeton will eventually die out due to the lack of creativity if it keeps up this way. I love Reggaeton and need it to live but in the past 2 years I have to say its been really really bad with only a handful of good songs.



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