Fuego – Una Vaina Loca

Fuego 2010

Fuego 2010

New music from Fuego called Una Vaina Loca brought to you by RRR Music.  When i heard this tune i  was like WTF! Again these guys cant come up with there own hit songs, instead they have to go to Jamaica an pick up a beat.  If you dont already know this song is from Gyptian and has hit the top billboards in America this month.  Now talented Fuego has ripped it off and the style of it.  Anyway i am tired of ranting on but this is starting to bother me a bit.  I posted Gyptian original below and let me know if you see the similarities!




  1. Hey i feel you but this is “The Remix” lol i like Fuego and you know got to give the party something they are familar with so he just fliped it to Merengue lol. Big UP to Fuego and Chosen Few…..honestly i like Fuego’s take on it…..:) And he’s good to look at…..

  2. HEY RRR MUSIC did u hear the numerous OMG(Usher) REMIXES lol theres like 5 even Oro 24 Sujeto did one it sucks yeah there was “tu ta loco eh “all over the track……..RLOL You would think the Urbano Merengue artist would keep it real and fresh right ???. NOPE… please let them know

  3. dontyahneedit

    wdf is wrong w ur ass is fCk****** call the remix yah feel me aaiqhtt and i like sonq so calm de fck down

  4. Nicolasio

    where is fuego from? is the same fuego that does that song thats like “hello mami que buena tu tas”? i read on one page that he’s from DR but this new “una vaina loca” tune, “vaina” is a big panamanian thing…

    de donde es fuego? es el mismo fuego que canta ese cancion que va “hello mami que buena tu tas?” lei en una pagina que es de la republica dominicana pero esta cancion nueva “una vaina loca”, es bien panamenyo para decir “vaina”

  5. RRR Music

    I am almost positive Fuego is from Panama!


    Fuego is from my hometown Washington DC well actually he’s from MD but its the DC metro area i know him personally and all his shyt is hot and i support him 100 percent with any remix he does


    and hes Dominican

  8. stephanie

    guaooooooooooo jeje

  9. stephanie

    bamo alante alante los dominicannnoooooooooooooo jejeje una baina loka ;) ;D

  10. Rubia

    He’s def. Dominican. At the end of the song he says “El vacano, de Quisqueya” He is not all that original, but those of us that are mad crazy about merengue urbano cant deny his beats are the best and we cant sit down to any of his songs.

  11. wilmaris

    jaja una vaina locaa

  12. cosmina

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  13. danixla

    <(") (^^) <3

  14. danixla

    genial <3

  15. yoleidis huerta

    que aburido



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