Gotay ‘El Autentiko’ – Solo Decian

Gotay is one of the few artist pumping out music this year and with his new song Solo Decian you wouldnt be disappointed.  I love this beat and his voice on this song.  I am surprised that he came through this year and he is the most improved Reggaeton artist.  I hope he would be the next big thing cause he has the talent to do so.  Check out his new song you would like it right away only at RRR Music.

  1. ➺4✭9Eze˚101           

    I have no doubt that he can take the league by the its throat!.. And is he dropping an album, if so when?!!

  2. RRR Music

    4 real. i dunno when

  3. natalia

    this beat is live



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