Guelo Star – Mujeres Gratis

New Guelo Star for the middle of the week with his new song ” Mujeres Gratis” brought to you by RRR Music.  This song just came out 1 hour ago and its quite a dissapointment for Guelo.  The beat is soft and lyrics weak.  I am not really feeling this song but some might so we posted it.  Check it out and let us know if your feeling it below.

  1. madafacka

    this song sucks quien es guelo star y de donde salio no tiene ni una gota de talento el tipo esta perdio

  2. Cesar

    did he say whos bad i thought he was trying to imitate michael jackson its alright nothing to get excited for

  3. muFFin mAn

    I’d rather fuck my own asshole than listen to this

  4. trinigyal

    ahahhaha muffin man…. RRR aparently we all hate so u shudnt hav wasted ur time



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