Makano – Dejame Volver

Makano 2010

Makano 2010

Makano is back with his new single “Dejame Volver” thats going to blow up this month and remember where you heard it first!  Makano is coming back with a vengence and he told us at RRR Music that get ready for some more hot music like this for 2010.  Dejame Volver is a nice tune but it kind of reminds me of his other songs just with a different beat.  I think he is very talanted but if he wants to make it big in the business he has to change up his style.  Personally he can only keep this up for 2 year max before people catch on that he is a one trick wonder.  Anyway check out the song and let us know what you think of it below at our comments section.


  1. Ashley Martinez

    Hey makaon I love your songs. I would like to meet you some day and I’m and I’m your biggest fann and I think you are cute as hell.:):):):):):):)



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