Nova & Jory Ft. Rakim & Ken-Y – Besame Remix

This just in new remix with Nova y Jory and Rakim y Ken y with Besame Remix brought to you by RRR Music.  I normally dont like remixes to songs that shouldn’t be touched, but I really think they did an incredible job on this.  Nobody else would have perfected the job as Rakim y Ken y did on this one.  We know the song is a bit old but they just brought life back to it.  You would be crazy not to like this song.  Check it out only at the new RRR Music where we only hook you up with the latest Lyrics and Videos.

  1. Cesar

    wow this is nice it was just yesterday i was listining to the original song and now they com out with the remix ft rakim and ken y no doubt im giving this 1 a download

  2. Tamem

    Me gusta mucho esta cancion!

  3. Josefina

    I have the older song on loop on my itunes, now I have a new favourite! Thanks RRR

  4. yeyuio

    great song for rakim y kne-y but nova nd jory made a great remix thiz is a hit fo shooo my number 1 song so far…. chile nd mexico represntg

  5. Tony

    wow even better than the original….. ke buen remix!!!!

  6. aracelitha

    oye esta bien brabazo a este remix es muy linda esta cancion pz

  7. aracelitha

    oye esta bien brabazo este remix es muy linda esta cancion pz

  8. Jesus

    Really nice song love it

  9. yessii

    ayy estaa rolaa esta super chidaa!!
    Mi amigo me lo dededico para mi &’ como me gusta muchoo… <3



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