Plan B – Es Un Secreto Video

One of the best reggaeton songs this year Es Un Secreto with Plan B we are privileged to have the video.  This song is so amazing and with the new video I found a new love for the song.  I am quite impressed with this video it has a great theme to it. This video is pretty short and wish it went on longer.  Its good to see these guys back and making great videos to hot songs.  Check out the new video and enjoy only at the new RRR Music.

  1. Ramon Z.

    These guys are the hardest working group in the business. The album was fire, they have commercial hits, and they made a few videos too. This song is sick, videos is cool too, but I would have liked to see a video to the remix, Tego ripped it!

  2. dade

    as usual. plan b with their fire music. lovin this song.

  3. Goofy79R

    i love this jam<3

    i love al of their music, its just great not only the lyrics but also the beat :]

  4. junior16

    it took them that long to make a video but shit is criss

  5. FResHNES

    crispy shit i played this all summer of 2010 good times video even hotter

  6. Les




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