Rakim y Ken-Y – Te Amo 2011

Here is the new Rakim y Ken Y new song Te Amo off of there new album Forever 2011 brought to you by RRR Music.  My heart broke when I heard this new album.  Honestly I heard about 3 good songs on it.  You might know one of them is on RRR top ten Reggaeton charts.  Te Amo is another good tune that you would enjoy.  I was expecting way better from these guys and I dont think that this album is going to sell as well as the others.  If anybody wishes to speak up on behalf of the new album forever let us know below in the comment area.

  1. Cesar

    yea i agree they made it like for lil girls i only heard about 3 or 4 songs i liked the one with zion y lennox is my favorite

  2. RRR Music

    yeah so true Cesar I was thinking the same when I heard the album…..

  3. suave

    I dont care if they do not have more than 4 good songs, with voices like theirs… they r amazin! So what caesar and RRR, little girls should be the target they would be the only ones who purchase the albums anyways. Any of you go buy albums anymore?

  4. tim

    yeah id buy the pirated version of the cd at my local flea market



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