Rayda Ft. Joan y O’Neill – Ella Es Mi Cinderella

Joan y O'Neil

Joan y O'Neil

Here is some more new reggaeton 2009 from Rayda and the hot Joan y O’Neill in “Ella Es Mi Cinderella“. Thank god these guys are back doing what they do best and now they have teamed up with Rayda who’s showing her talent in her new song. This song is really good and i know you would be jamming to it pretty soon. Let us know what you think of the new Reggaeton we post at RRR Music at our comments below.

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  1. maribel_guardia

    i love this song:)

  2. anonom

    this song is pretty down………….

  3. Aracely

    damn dis song is hott!!!

  4. anisa

    dis is a hott song

  5. angelica

    i luv this song!!!

  6. anthony

    hell yah this song is hot!

  7. sally

    LOVE ITT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Erin

    Very hot song and she’s got a beautiful voice.

  9. Nelsie Baybee

    esta cancion esta cabronaaa :)

  10. S0Uf WESt MAMi

    dAMN dIZ S0NG dA JAMM!!! i l0VE it i SWEAR i EVEN HAVE it 0N MYSPACE……. KEEP it UP AND i SWEAR iMA BE YAll NUMbER 0NE fAN!!!! l0l l0S AM0 <3 MUWAHzzZZ…

  11. i fUCCiN l0VE dIZ S0NG iZ dA JAMM!!!! l0S AM0 <3 MUWAHZZZ

  12. i love dhiz effin music

  13. jnnifer

    I cant stress enough how Reggaeton music is evolving and making its way internationally recognized. This song has a easy tone and fly lyrics. I love it and women artist such as Joan really give the industry a refreshing intake of more to come.

  14. NENA

    i love this s0ng its the BOMB !!!!



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