Trebol Clan – Sustancia Quimica

Trebol Clan has just released there new song Sustancia Quimica that reminds me of the old Trebol songs that we used to enjoy.  Last year they had a horriffic year only putting out one song I liked.  There new song is awsome and we know your going to enjoy this one for sure.  I am gald these guys are back cause Reggaeton needs them.  Let us know what you think below right here at RRR Music.

  1. mami

    me gusta y estoy de acuerdo con tu RRR no me gustaba muchas de sus canciones el ano pasado.

  2. RRR Music

    @ Mami – I heard that they are going to be putting out more songs so look out!

  3. chula

    song is on constant repeat love it trebol is back baby

  4. Cesar

    this is hot but sounds familiar i think ive heard it before but i could b wrong

  5. Eze49

    Wow are these guys coming back with better songs?!! Diz is so good for 2012, you guys R sick ✭Trebol Clan✭ keep making it :)

  6. mr.C

    Trebol clan is trebol clan….waiting for them come come with something that hits hard…good song though.

  7. ReggaetonRocks

    I agree with you except that Reggaeton needs them. They are a great addition to the genre but we had a great year last year with Plan B and J Alvarez & the young cats killing it. I did at least. :)



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