Wisin & Yandel – Te Siento Video

Here is Wisin & Yandel new video to the smash hit song “Te Siento Video” brought to you by RRR Music the number #1 music source. This song and video is amazing and i know you would love it. Wisin & Yandel are doing big things with there new album thats off the hook.

Let us know what you think of Te Siento video at our comments section below. RRR Music gives you only the best in Reggaeton music and lyrics 2010 on a daily basis.

  1. adriana

    me facina demaciado el reggeton es lo mejor????????????”

  2. daizy

    laa soong estaa biien buenaa

    u guyzz keep oon
    ur supper hoot

  3. daizy

    n fuukk yeaahh reaggaeetoon
    hasta arribaaa

  4. daizy

    myy badd howw can ii miispell daat

  5. lasensacion

    tiene algo diferente como si cambiaron de roll los dos pero se escucha bien..

  6. MaRia

    l0s d0s aseN bueNa musica junt0s

  7. Espy

    I love the way the girls dance! Wisin & Yandel know how to make me move!

  8. jose

    they are so cool:0

  9. charlene

    love the song just like every other one they have made. keep doing your thing.

  10. amber

    this is hott …i love these guy

  11. el reggaeton es lo mejor y mas con estos cuerasos wisin y yandel!!!!!!!!!

  12. cristian

    wisin y yandel son los mejores!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. jAcKeLiNe rEiNa

    ii love this song is the best and iim a huge fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..I LOVE WISIN Y YANDEL THE BEST REGGAETONEROS

  14. vaca ustedes son los mejores qui sira estar con ustedes parseros iy me visitan a colmbia by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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