Zion y Lennox Ft Tony Dize – Hoy Lo Siento

This is the week for good Reggaeton for the week I feel it.  Now we have Zion y Lennox teaming up with Tony Dize with the finished sample “Hoy Lo Siento” brought to you by RRR Music.  I have been blown away with Zion y Lennox the past couple of months.  They are really coming out with some serious tracks!  Maybe other artist should get the hint! (not saying names) Tony Dize is on fire and his lyrics and voice are great in this song.  This song might hit the top ten pretty soon! Check it out and comment below where you can vote up or down!

  1. Cesar

    wow this track is fire tony dize is one of my favourite artists and zion y lennox coming back strong just like RRR said cant wait to see what else these guys got for us when los verdaderos comes out and im sure even after there album is released these guys are gonna be giving us more top quality music like this

  2. reyes

    nice song i really like it and tony dize is starting to become one of my favs and its good 2 see zion y lennox making a come back i reaaly like their music :)

  3. Cesar

    los verdaderos was leaked onthe net yesterday impressive album with some hot tracks

  4. RRR Music

    Yeah Cesar I heard that too. It bad for the artist that this happens. I am still going to buy it.

  5. lola

    I CKAN TOTALLY PARTY 2 Dis!!! (:

  6. Gabriella

    This track is sick……!!! think im love!


    OMG! This song is so pretty and my two favorite artist Tony and Zion are singing together!!!

  8. libra babi

    <3`s zion && lennox…even better w/ tony dize..

  9. manuela

    LOOVEEE <333

  10. hubba hubba

    songs aaaaight. yo gabriella holla at me

  11. meow

    oh my goodness gracious this song is fabuloso!

  12. alessandra!

    me encanta esta canciOn !!

  13. diablito

    thisz sonq isz so fuckinq kool.. i like thisz sonq.. esto si esz musik losz verdaderosz fo’shooo ”

  14. Joseline

    I LOVE THIS SONG.! && With Tony Dize it sounds better. I Love Youu Zion && Lennix && Tony Dize.

  15. didi

    I love this song,tony Dize,Zion& Lennox are my favorite artist.I tink they rock…

  16. fabiola

    los amo hola



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